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Elisha J. Mitchell


From army brat to wandering teen to honor student to preacher's wife to a religious refugee - Elisha is finally at home with the centerpiece of the gospel - the return of the kingdom of heaven to earth. Her gift is to share songs and insights.

Elisha is a Pacific Northwest native with a heavenly calling and a name to match. "God of Salvation" is the Hebrew translation of 'Elisha'. Her highest goal is to become like Christ and influence the earth with Kingdom culture. She shares life messages from God in song, timely teaching, and practical applications.

Elisha is spiritually gifted as a worship leader, evangelist, prophet, and teacher. She is a certified facilitator for 'Marriage on the Rock' and 'Save Your Marriage Before It Starts'.

FOUNDATION is Elisha's debut solo album. Released shortly before the tragic events of September 11, 2001, in the USA, she penned 9 original compositions. The songs comforted many at that time and still do today.

Track four, "What Kind Of Love" is a cover from the album "This Moment" in honor of the late Danniebelle Hall. Gifted saxophonist Roy Harris also appears on this song.

Elisha resides in Washington state with her husband Pastor Lonnie Mitchell. They have four adult children and eleven grandchildren.

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