Dr. Bob says

 I have known Elisha for over 25 years. During those years she has consistently demonstrated a keen interest in working to provide for the needs of others. She demonstrated this wonderful quality as she served to organize and to teach…

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Sally says

I have known Elisha Mitchell for over 20 years. She not only has been an inspiration to my Christian life but a very positive influence in my personal life. In our many years of conversation, I have found Elisha to…

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Lamar says

I'm so beyond grateful to have First Lady Elisha Mitchell in my life to counsel/mentor me. I've had the pleasure of working with Ms. Elisha for over a decade. 

She has helped me tremendously to become a choir director as…

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Bill says

Elisha is one of the kindest people I have ever known.  She has the experience and confidence to connect with the music, fellow musicians and audiences.  She has the talent and charisma that draws listeners into every performance. 

At church…

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