Elisha J. Mitchell



Wonderfully Made

Lord, I praise You

For I’m fearfully, wonderfully made

You’re amazing to me

How precious just to know that You’re thinking of me

Bless Your name forevermore


Before my mother and father 

Ever thought to bring me forth

You saw me

You even knew my name

I am no accident - no, not a lucky chance

You had planned for me


I remember there were times

I’d put myself down

Not knowing that You cared for me

But now the song rings true for me

‘Jesus love me. This I know for the Bible tells me so.”


I remember all the times I put myself down

Not knowing how You card for me

Then I recalled the song I learned

Not many years ago

Elementary and yet so powerful


Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

For the Bible tells me so

Words and Music by Elisha J. Mitchell ©1999 Everlasting Joy Music (ASCAP) from the album FOUNDATION