Elisha J. Mitchell



What Kind of Love

What kind of love is this

He has bestowed on me

I am a child of God 

And I speak of a mystery

I don’t know how it is or how it shall be (oh, no)

But this one thing I know (yeah)

That when His face I see

I shall be like Him 

For I shall know Him

In all of His beauty and glory; I shall behold Him

And I’ll trade this robe of flesh for immortality

Then I can tell you how this love can be


What kind of love is this

How could He love me so

How could He send His only Son into this world of woe

What made my Savior die

He died up there on that cruel Cross

How could He bear my shame

Lord, how could You suffer my loss

It’s a precious mystery

One day You’re gonna return for me

And together we’ll share our love throughout eternity

And I’m gonna trade in this robe of flesh

Trade it in for immortality

Oh, then I can tell you, I’ll tell you

How this love can be


© 1975 Words and Music by Danniebelle Hall from Light LP "This Moment" Used by Permission