Elisha J. Mitchell



Test of Fire

I try the reins; I search the heart

I give to every man according to his ways

According to the fruit that shall remain

Fine homes, cars, and clothes don’t really matter much to Me

They would never stand My test of fire

Life is more than making ends meet

In the end, I’ll want to know

Will all you’ve worked for pass My test - Yes or No


Don’t let ambition crowd Me out

Uncertain riches of this world are not all they seem to be

Please look to Me; I want you now to see

That I have what you’re really searching for

Eternal riches - I have them all in store

And if you stay on course

Don’t look back and don’t give in

Your fruit will withstand fire in the end.


Love, joy, peace, longsuffering

Temperance, meekness, faithfulness

Gentleness, goodness 

These will pass the test

©2000 Words and Music by Elisha J. Mitchell / Everlasting Joy Music from the album FOUNDATION