Elisha J. Mitchell



My People

If my people who are called by My name

Would humble themselves and pray - If they’d seek My face

If my people who are called by My name

Will turn from their wicked ways

Then I will hear from heaven, forgive them

Heal their land

When My (own) people get it right, get it right


Salt just ain’t no good if/when it’s lost it’s flavor

How ya think you gonna witness for Me

Where’s is your light? A lost soul’s trying to find it

Undercover ain’t the way you should be


Choose ye this day whom you will serve

Will it be God or man?

Grace and mercy I’m offering you

Peace for your soul - My own people get it right


My people, my own people


My people called by My name

My people humble yourselves and pray

My people turn from your wicked ways

My people, my people get it right

©Words and Music by Elisha J. Mitchell Everlasting Joy Music (ASCAP)