Elisha J. Mitchell



Faith to Move Mountains

Circumstances all around keep shaking me

They want my attention, y'all they try to compete

But I remain focused on the prize

The high calling that God gave to me


My situations sometime get much bigger

Than I could imagine that they would be

I’m like a tree that’s planted by the waters

The storms of life can’t break me

Because I’ve got the . . . 


Faith to move mountains

Mountains in my life get ready to move

Faith to move mountains

Things are gonna change for me

Faith to move mountains

I’m glad that trouble won’t last always

Trouble won’t last


So I can’t let these problems get the best of me

On this pilgrims journey many obstacles I’ll meet

Armored in Christ I can’t lose

He’s given authority to tell my mountains move


Faith is the victory that overcomes the world

So tell the mountains in your life to move

Move mountain

©1999 Words and Music by Elisha J. Mitchell Everlasting Joy Music (ASCAP) from the album FOUNDATION